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Following the introduction of Google Panda, Google Penguin has also led to a number of difficulties for sites from all over the web. The periodic algorithm updates that the world's leading search engine carries out are in fact a critical moment for many: as a result of their implementation, even a well-ranked and apparently optimised site can suddenly suffer drastic penalties.

Penguin focuses on analysing the link profile of websites and analyses their link juice. If a website has an incoming link profile that does not meet the minimum parameters of the algorithm, it will be found guilty of trying to artificially manipulate the results provided by the search engine and will be penalised.


Sites penalised by Google Penguin suffer a drop in ranking and organic traffic of up to 80% compared to the period before the algorithmic update. Recovering ground even after a heavy Google Penguin penalty is possible, but it requires meticulous link auditing and then link earning: complex procedures that NetStrategy's SEO Specialists perform to perfection.



Has Google Penguin penalised your site? Book a free analysis with our SEO SPECIALIST Mattia!


Google Penguin was first launched in April 2012 to identify and penalise sites with poor quality incoming links, such as those from spam sites, from non-authoritative directories created for the sole purpose of obtaining backlinks, from blatant artificial link building campaigns, or from paid operations without the addition of the nofollow tag. These types of links are recognised by Google's algorithm as 'unnatural' and, in general, do not comply with the Google Quality Guidelines.

In order to improve the fate of a site penalised by Google Penguin, a targeted intervention is required. Below we show you the four phases of the recovery process implemented by NetStrategy.



A team of SEO experts conducts a thorough analysis to verify that Google Penguin has indeed applied a penalty to your site. While it is easy to see that it is a penalty, it is more difficult to attribute the cause with certainty to Penguin than to Panda, Hummingbird or other updates. The first step is to know for sure what problem you need to solve.

link auditing

Using proprietary crawlers and other advanced software for analysing incoming links (Ahrefs, Link Research Tools, Link DeTox...), we identify which elements constitute a risk for the site in the current situation and which elements have led to penalisation in the past.



After a lengthy link audit, the links are removed and a request is made to Google not to consider the links as spam.


At this point, the reasons for the problem will have been resolved, but the site will still not receive the organic traffic that it had before the penalty. In fact, it will be necessary to develop an organic strategy aimed at acquiring a link profile appropriate to the target market in order to regain the credibility and authority necessary to achieve a top ranking on Google.


Recovery from Google Penguin penalisation is a highly specialised and, above all, risky discipline. The compilation of an erroneous disavow file can complicate, and by a lot, the resolution of the problem in the future. The timing with which one acts to resolve a penalty will be proportional to the difficulty of resolution: the longer one waits after the penalty, the more difficult it will be to remove it.

Why NetStrategy

The technical level of our SEO SPECIALISTS gives us the possibility to offer recovery services of the highest level, helping our clients to recover their sites knocked down by the Google Penguin algorithm.

Below is a graphic of a site that contacted us immediately after receiving the penalty and you can see how our intervention took only 35-40 days to completely remove the problem:


Once the problems generated by the Google Penguin penalisation have been resolved, NetStrategy® can continue with you in your website growth project: our 360° SEO Strategies  will be able to build for you not only a new network of links, but a longer ladder towards the best Google ranking that can make your online presence a valuable asset for your business.