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One of the main challenges companies face today is the " online ". In many cases, they can boast a prominent presence in the traditional market, with a decades-long history of success, innovation and quality. However, the need to enter the web has become pressing for these companies, due to the increasingly frequent habit of consumers and companies to use the web to satisfy their needs.

Online rankings do not correspond to those of the traditional market. For this reason, the strength of the brand, known and appreciated offline, must be communicated on the web starting from the beginning and, subsequently, kept alive by specific actions.

To better express its values, to improve its corporate image online and to attract new potential customers, in February 2018 Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche relied on NetStrategy for an all-round digital project. The project featured several web marketing strategies, developed specifically for the company; this led to high-level results and created new and important business opportunities.

Let's see in detail how Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche and NetStrategy have reached and exceeded the goals set together.



Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche was founded in 1961 in Guidizzolo, a small town in the province of Mantua. The company's founding values are research, innovation and continuous experimentation in the field in its reference sector: mechanical constructions for agriculture. On the basis of these intentions, the company specializes in the production of mechanical or automatic transplanting machines, characterized by high quality and productivity. Its innovative and technological spirit is witnessed today by the numerous patents acquired, which make it a company known and appreciated worldwide.

Precisely because of the importance of the company and the characteristics that make it known beyond the Italian borders, at the end of 2017 the team of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche decided to give a turn to its online communication. According to the company, it no longer properly represented the characterizing values and did not communicate the professionalism and quality of the products designed, produced and sold.

In this regard, the Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche team contacted NetStrategy, probably encouraged by the agency's successes in the agricultural sector. In particular, during the many meetings that took place, the following needs were expressed:

  • Improve the company's presence on the main online channels, in order to build a strong brand awareness. There was a need to emphasize, both on the website and on social networks, the characteristics, values and international reputation of the company;
  • Make the investment in the website profitable. The company was not receiving enough contact requests from the website, which as a result was proving to be ineffective in obtaining a financial return.

Following a thorough analysis of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's core business and of the characteristics, problems and issues of the company's website, NetStrategy developed a tailor-made strategy with the following focal points:

  • Website. Website restyling implementation, so that it becomes not only graphically appealing, but also effective in terms of User Experience and ready to welcome new potential customers;
  • Search Engines. Development of a web strategy aimed at making the new Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche website gain organic visibility. The goal was to have the company found as a real answer to the needs expressed on Google by its target audience;
  • Social networks. Today they represent one of the main meeting points between supply and demand, precisely thanks to the vast public that fills them. For a company of the importance of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche it was essential to be constantly and effectively present in this channel, to increase its Brand Authority and create a solid link with potential customers.

NetStrategy's strategic planning aimed at achieving important objectives, such as:

  • Make sure that the offline corporate image is reflected in the online one. Being actively present, with an appropriate communication style, on social networks and search engines, and having a website that optimally reflects the company would have allowed to increase its online authority.
  • Increase the overall volume of visits and qualified users to the company website;
  • Increase the number of requests from users interested in purchasing Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's machines and from potential dealers willing to distribute them in new cities/countries.

Thanks to a customized strategy, the Mantua-based company was able to achieve successful results and meet its goals within a few months, obtaining the online visibility it deserved.


In order to be an effective tool for business growth, the company website must be not only updated and up-to-date in terms of graphics, but also attentive to the communication style and user experience. For example, a website that is slow in loading pages or that is not visible correctly from any type of device (desktop PC, smartphone, tablet) can cause the loss of a good slice of new potential customers.

One of the priorities set out from the first meetings between the NetStrategy team and the Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche team was to redesign the www.ferraricostruzioni.com website.

Here is an example of what it looked like:


Right from the start, the NetStrategy team noticed that the website suffered from particular user-side issues. The main ones were:

  • Sloppy descriptions of the machines, which did not allow to highlight their characteristics and the benefits they would bring to the daily life of the farm;
  • Absence of a user journey on the main pages. Within the most clicked sections there were no call to action or contact forms. In this way there was no incentive to convert the visitor into a potential customer;
  • Slow loading of the elements in the individual pages, which were particularly heavy and made it difficult for the user to access the information;
  • Ineffective display on mobile devices, which prematurely drove away the large portion of users who accessed the site via smartphones and tablets.

All these problems, in addition to generating difficulties in the positioning of the website on search engines, did not put the user in the conditions to stay on it for a long time. The result? The average stay was very low and very few people felt driven and interested to get in touch with the company.

Even before starting the graphic design of the website, NetStrategy's SEO department asked Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's team a series of questions aimed at identifying the Buyer Persona. The goal was to make the website the best answer for the company's target audience.

Once the Buyer Persona was defined and the website organization chart was presented, NetStrategy's web designers set to work to create an effective restyling of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's website. The web portal had to have as main characteristics those of:

  • Be visually impactful, thanks to modern graphics and effect, which would allow a smooth reading by the user, a simple and intuitive navigation and the use of information in a clear way;
  • Map out a path that would connect the user with the company. The site had to be designed to reach new potential customers and, therefore, new business opportunities.

The graphic templates were then transferred to the IT department that implemented them on www.ferraricostruzioni.com. The result of this work can be seen below:

Sito 2-1

In terms of graphics, today, the site takes up the color palette that has always characterized the Mantuan company - red, black and white - but it is "fresher" and lighter, as well as pleasing to the eye. Each element, whether graphic or textual, is enhanced and the user is led to visit several pages during a single session, to discover the features of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's machines.

Speaking more specifically about the User Experience, already from the homepage it is possible to access the different categories that compose the website:

  • “About us", which highlights the values and ten-year history of the company;
  • The different types of crops that can be transplanted by Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's machines;
  • The machines, with the possibility of downloading the catalog and immediately requesting information from the company;
  • News about the company and the sector events it takes part in.

In order to increase the average stay of the visitor on the site and the conversion rate, new specific call to action have been implemented, always using the company colors.

Call to action ferrariCall to action 2-1

These call-to-actions are linked to contact forms that open as pop-ups. In this way the user can fill in the fields with his own data in a few seconds, without being directed to another page (for example, the contact page). Speeding up the contact operations is an excellent solution to increase the conversions from user to potential customer.


The search engine in recent years has become the favorite channel of consumers and companies, which increasingly use it to find answers to their needs. Suffice it to say that Google alone can boast 3.5 billion searches every day and on average, each person who has access to the internet carries out about 4 searches daily.

In order for Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche to appear on search engines as a response to its target audience, NetStrategy started an SEO optimization strategy for the website. The goal was, in fact, to make sure that the search engine - Google in particular - considered the site www.ferraricostruzioni.com credible and authoritative and positioned it on the first page for keywords relevant to its specific core business.

First of all, NetStrategy's SEO department conducted an in-depth analysis of effective and relevant keywords for the company. A list of keywords that were in line with the company's business was then compiled based on the following characteristics:

  • High search volume;
  • Low/medium level of competition;
  • User intent.

Going deeper into this last point, the SEO strategy implemented by NetStrategy has allowed Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche to obtain rankings not only for BOFU keywords, i.e. those in the final and decisional stage of the user's purchase path, but also for TOFU and MOFU keywords. In the first case, in fact, the user who makes the search already knows exactly what he wants and searches on Google for the specific name of the machine model of the company. In the case of the TOFU and MOFU stages, instead, it is possible to position the company for more generic keywords, typical of an audience still far from buying but not for this reason unqualified. These are, for example, those who search for the specific crop to be transplanted, such as "cabbage transplanters" and "tomato transplanters”.

Following the buyer's journey, new SEO-optimized textual and graphical content was created to be inserted into the site, which would subsequently obtain rankings for keywords searched by a TOFU and MOFU audience:

Trapiantatrici per cavoli

Likewise, pre-existing pages were optimized for the BOFU target, through the creation of meta title and meta description including the chosen keyword:

Trapiantatrice futura

This process was not only carried out in Italian. Being known worldwide, the company needed to attract new potential customers at an international level, with particular reference to anglo-saxon countries. For this reason, the SEO strategy has been applied with great care to the English language.

The customer's need was to increase the number of leads interested in reselling Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche' s machines. In order to achieve this goal, a special communication was developed, supported by the specific instrument of Lead Flow (pop-up), which appeared in almost every page of the site. It had a double purpose:

  • Capture the attention of the company's preferred target, i.e. resellers;
  • Speed up contact operations, as the user could fill out the form directly from the pop-up.


In just a few months, the strategy aimed at improving the organic positioning of the www.ferraricostruzioni.com website led to brilliant results. Today Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche can boast the first position for keywords able to attract a qualified audience of farms and retailers.

Here are a few examples:

  • Trapiantatrice pacciamatrice (Mulching transplanter)

Trapiantatrice pacciamatrice

  • Trapiantatrice per cavoli (Cabbage transplanter)

Trapiantatrice per cavoli Google

  • Cabbage Transplanter

Cabbage transplanter

  • Tomato transplanter

Tomato transplanter


One of the Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's goals was to improve its corporate image on the web. In order to achieve this goal, together with the SEO, the NetStrategy team planned a Social Media Marketing strategy tailored to the Mantuan company: its objective was to launch a quality message to the user able to push him towards contact with the company.

The Social Media Marketing strategy for Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche was developed on three different channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. For each social network, a different communication style was created, which would reflect the tone of voice of the company and, at the same time, adapt to the different format of the platform.

Before the publication of the posts, an editorial plan was built: this allowed to vary the topics and products to be presented, and to maintain a certain constancy in the publication. The goal was to create an "appointment" with the user, giving him the opportunity to interact with the company.

Within the posts were contextualized descriptions of the machines, leading the target audience to understand how they could increase productivity and crop quality.

The message was concise, promotional and characterized by specific keywords, highlighted with hashtags to reach a wider audience on the social platform. Just to maintain the international style and reputation that characterize Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche, as well as to reach a foreign target, the posts were published in English.

Below you can find some examples:

Post Facebook-1Post Instagram-1

As part of the Social Media Marketing strategy, it is essential to mention the effective activity carried out for the optimization of videos published on YouTube. This platform works just like a search engine, relying mainly on keyword research. Therefore, each video should contain a reference keyword in order to get ranking.

For each Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche video, the NetStrategy team studied the appropriate keyword so that it could be optimally positioned not only on YouTube, but also on Google. And so it was:

Youtube Ferrari


Having planned a tailor-made strategy, having clearly understood the characteristics, the needs and the goals of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche has allowed us to reach goals of unquestionable value.

The starting point of the strategy was the restyling of the website. Today, the site is able to present in a persuasive and effective way the machines that Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche designs and produces and is focused on User Experience and optimization for search engines.

In terms of SEO, the study of effective and relevant keywords for the company allowed to bring qualified traffic to the site, which is more likely to be converted into an audience of potential customers.

The following graph compares the organic traffic between June 1 and September 30 2019 and the same period in the previous year, thus not incurring seasonal-related fluctuations. It demonstrates that in 2019, www.ferraricostruzioni.com has seen an increase in users from search engines of +61.30%:

Traffico organico

In addition to the organic channel, Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche has also focused on building its brand reputation on the web through social networks. This, in addition to guaranteeing new traffic to the website, has allowed the Mantuan company to improve its corporate image online. The constant publication of persuasive posts, which highlight how the products of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche can revolutionize the daily life of the farm, has allowed us to reach new potential customers.

The chart below shows how the number of likes on the company's Facebook page increases month over month, starting in February 2018, when NetStrategy kicked off its social media marketing strategy:

Mi piace

In addition to the number of "likes", Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche's social channels have also revealed an increase in the organic coverage of posts, which are thus able to reach a wider target audience. Although it is well known that Facebook and other social networks are progressively reducing organic visibility in order to favor sponsorships, the Mantua-based company reaches high peaks of coverage. This is demonstrated by the following graph:


Reaching more qualified users to the website through different channels generated new contacts. The conversion rate on the website has increased considerably thanks to the improvement of the User Experience and the creation of a user path made of call to action and pop-ups.

Between February and September 2019, the www.ferraricostruzioni.com website revealed a 347.29% increase in leads compared to the same period last year, when the strategy was still in its infancy. Moreover, an impressive 32.3% of these leads came from the pop-up form aimed at dealers and, therefore, represented the best target for Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche. Within this 32.3% of users, half of the leads came from the English pop-up form: another clear sign of how effectively NetStrategy has optimized the website for an English-speaking audience.

The collaboration with Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche showed the importance of sowing on good soil in order to obtain a rich harvest. The preliminary analysis of the characteristics of the company and its products, as well as their competitive advantage, has allowed to realize an effective strategic planning in the medium-long term. The choice of the good "soil" on which to develop the strategy - search engines and social networks - has made the website not only a showcase of products and services, but also a cradle of new sales opportunities. In addition, Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche has acquired a positive brand reputation online as well, in line with the decades-long reputation that the company has built up offline.

Considering the brilliant results obtained, the collaboration between NetStrategy and Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche continues today, with the aim that what was seeded at the beginning of the strategy may produce a greater harvest year after year.

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