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Customer retention outlines multiple advantages for all businesses: lower cost of acquiring new potential customers, the certainty of not having occasional contacts, a steady increase in turnover and much more. For all these reasons, when entering into a business negotiation, the real focus must be on quantifying and maximising the profit that each individual customer, over time, can bring to the company.


NetStrategy analyses lead management in your company and plans with you the most effective strategies to increase Customer Lifetime Value. This metric, specifically, indicates the value a customer can bring into your company over the course of the entire relationship between the parties. Paying attention to how to constantly increase this metric, through a specific strategic plan, is fundamental: it allows you to improve your company's performance and successfully achieve the longed-for customer loyalty.


Fabio Giacomello - Project Manager

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How can you increase Customer Lifetime Value? The NetStrategy team supports you in planning strategic activities to manage your leads and customers according to their current and prospective value. In this way, you will be able to bill more with the same contacts. Here are some examples of what we can do for you in this regard.

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The customer retention process never starts after the sale, but from the first contact between the lead and the company: no one will be willing to come back to you if they have not first found excellent service in your company. For this reason, offering an excellent buying experience is one of the fundamental elements of a correct and effective Customer Value Management. NetStrategy optimises your site both technically and graphically, making it the ideal place for your potential customers to shop. In addition, we implement an innovative CRM and an effective chatbot, so that you can manage your leads optimally and offer a service worthy of your company.


Upselling and cross-selling are essential sales techniques for the sales department of any company to increase customer value. In upselling, we sell a product or service that is better than what the consumer intended to buy; in cross-selling, we offer something else in addition to the product or service that will be particularly useful to them. The NetStrategy team provides you with the knowledge and tools to sell more and, above all, to sell better: it is never a question of 'squeezing' more money out of your potential customer, but always offering them more than they would have expected.

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Each person, as an individual, has different characteristics and needs: only apparently this principle clashes with an all-round marketing strategy. While you can attract a large number of potential customers to your company, you can also establish an almost 1-to-1 relationship with each of them. This can be achieved by means of highly personalised DEMs and newsletters, created with the help of an innovative CRM and marketing automation. In this way you can provide information based on the real interests of the customer and create an emotional bond between the parties. 


Particularly in the case of B2B companies, one of the most effective ways to improve customer value management is to issue longer contracts. Only by implementing long-term collaboration projects will you be able to lay the foundations for a longer relationship with your customers who, if satisfied, will then be happy to renew the contract. NetStrategy's consultants will support you in this phase as well, providing you not only with the best sales techniques but also with the right tools for managing your contacts. In other words, they provide your company with their skills and knowledge to help you build more lasting relationships with your customers.

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Customer Lifetime Value allows you to understand whether your marketing strategies are proving to be effective: this conclusion is reached by asking whether the cost of acquiring a customer is less than the profit that that same customer brings, at various times, to the company. Managing Customer Value also means considering all these aspects to monitor and optimise your marketing strategies.

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At NetStrategy, patience is one of our main virtues: we never embark on a project before we understand who we are dealing with, what their needs are, and how we can help them. As far as Customer Value Management is concerned, the entire strategy is planned on the basis of the information acquired and an in-depth analysis of your company's characteristics and data.



From our analysis comes targeted strategic planning. If your goal is to increase the value of every single customer that walks through your company's doors, you are in very good hands: a diverse team, characterised by different skills and minds that think in many different ways, will help you reach your goal with a strategy designed specifically for your company and the goals you have set yourself.



Although we are excellent communicators, it is the facts that set us apart. The strategic actions we apply allow you to see for yourself, in the short, medium and long term, concrete results on your business. Periodically, we prepare specific reports for you showing what we have done, what we can do and, above all, the objectives we have achieved. All this with maximum transparency.