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By business processes we mean all the activities that make a company organised and 'work'. Like a large gear, a company must be well-oiled and keep each part active and synchronised with the others. Today, however, the market has changed, the pace has increased and customer acquisition methods have become 'digitalised', increasing the need to renew business processes.

Digitising business processes means simplifying the day-to-day activities of various departments, improving communication and relationships within the company, making the management of acquired customers and leads (hot leads) generated online or by other digital means smart. How can a company do all this?


The solution is there and it comes in the form of new assets for internal work management and customer acquisition. Cutting-edge software capable of segmenting customers and leads according to their needs and the needs of the company, automation tools that allow professionals in every department to organise themselves even more efficiently and without wasting time, proven methodologies for acquiring new customers online, through specific marketing strategies, and much more. This is everything NetStrategy provides to companies that decide to digitize their business processes, and thus, improve their online and offline performance and presence.


Fabio Giacomello - Project Manager

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Using CRM software is the first step towards digitising your business processes. This tool, in its basic version, is responsible for managing your customer database and is able to provide you with all the data you need both to undertake operations to retain existing customers and to establish relationships with warm contacts (leads). More modern and functional tools, such as HubSpot, can provide you with many other functionalities for customer management and internal processes, including workflow, profiling, reporting and analysis, automation and much more.


Improving business processes also means improving communication between different departments within the company. Through specific assets, it is possible to make everyone's work easier and more balanced, improving both the performance of professionals and management times. With HubSpot, it is possible to access shared information and have it always up-to-date: each change is implemented in real time, making it easier for several people to work on the CRM. In addition, the platform provides tools such as personalised tasks, reminders and internal workflows, improving the flow of activities that each person has to manage every day and reminding them of objectives, deadlines and tasks to be implemented.

Cuore Digitale
Cuore Digitale


Acquiring new customers online requires the use of specific channels, including the website and social media, as well as ad hoc marketing strategies. NetStrategy takes care of creating (or revamping) the client's web portal, optimizing it for both SEO and User Experience, and developing web marketing strategies to make it an effective Lead Generation tool. Through the development of inbound oriented acquisition processes, it is possible to lead interested users to the company website, provide them with content in line with their needs, establish a relationship with them and lead them to purchase. Our team studies and creates the project to make your company an active online presence, capable of acquiring new customers and managing them using innovative tools.


To make you completely autonomous in using HubSpot technology and to let you fully enjoy all its functions, NetStrategy provides you with tailored support and training. Depending on the availability of your company and your professionals, our team of experts will organise regular training and refresher sessions where you will have easy access to all sorts of information about both the platform and the marketing strategy associated with it.

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The HubSpot platform was created with the aim of creating software that can transform a simple showcase site into a real 'commercial' one. Building a site on HubSpot means:

Cuore-Bianco-NetStrategydotFocusing attention on the visitor who, by filling in a form, becomes a lead.

Cuore-Bianco-NetStrategydotCreating automatisms that allow you to establish relationships with users based on their level of interest and their requests.

Cuore-Bianco-NetStrategydotCreate optimised Inbound Marketing web pages that attract users to your product/service.

Cuore-Bianco-NetStrategydotConstantly monitor the performance of each page and each tool used on it (forms, call-to-actions, etc.). This allows you to adjust your strategy accordingly, optimising and improving your communication constantly.

Cuore-Bianco-NetStrategydotManage tasks and customers with ease through automation systems, email and task flows, monitoring of ongoing negotiations and much more.