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SEO Courses & Trainings


Do you need training that is perfectly tailored to your needs? NetStrategy's 1:1 coaching is designed to meet this need. The skills that are most useful to you are passed from us to your company, from one of our SEO consultants to you, directly and without any mediation: that's what one-to-one means.


Coaching is a specialised professional activity that is based on the uniqueness of the individual: the trainer, our SEO consultant, and the recipient, you. In reality, the separation between those who teach and those who learn is not so clear-cut. We are deeply convinced that in an effective training process there must always be a mutual exchange. That is also why we like to offer coaching services: we learn something valuable from each client, which we take with us - together with the experience we have gained - to the next session.

If your goal is to learn the essential skills you need to take action on your business to increase its visibility, efficiency, and revenue, consider 1:1 coaching with a NetStrategy SEO consultant.


Mattia Mella - SEO Specialist

Do you want to reach the #1 position
on Google? Trust the advice of Mattia, SEO Specialist at NetStrategy!


With many years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimisation, every SEO consultant at NetStrategy can train you on how to position your site in the top positions of the results for the largest Italian and international search engines. The optimisation measures that our SEO agency suggests are wide-ranging and guarantee high and long-lasting positioning. Many of the sites of clients who have turned to our SEO experts still rank high in the organic results of search engines even years later: this testifies not only to the quality of our training methods, but also to the far-sightedness of the strategies we recommend.

Some of the main areas in which you can decide to deepen your specific training are the following.

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A boundless subject, an essential activity for gaining online visibility. And it is also one of the most complex and demanding, because it requires in-depth technical expertise and the ability to develop targeted strategies. A consultant from our SEO agency will inform you on how to give your website each of the requirements taken into account by search engines when deciding on the hierarchy of search results: only the best 10 sites appear in the first positions, the only ones that count.

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Online sales is an extremely profitable business for many market sectors, perhaps even for the one in which your company operates. Alone or coordinated with traditional commerce methods, it allows you to reach portions of your audience that would otherwise be overlooked. An E-Commerce SEO expert can advise you on which project is best suited to your needs or, if you already have one, how to improve its performance in terms of search engine optimisation: positioning not only your site, but also each of the products you sell can draw a clear line between you and your competitors.

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The SEO consultant will be able to accompany you in an in-depth analysis to understand to what level the areas of your website are optimised from the point of view of Search Engine Optimisation. He will also check for possible algorithmic penalties by Google, suggesting the best recovery solutions. You will thus be able to see areas for immediate improvement and, thanks to the specific recommendations for each section, the results you can achieve will be almost immediate.

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Monitoring the Link Profile of incoming links to your website and ensuring that no threats arise from them on a day-to-day basis is of paramount importance. With the full link profile audit of your website you can identify, under the guidance of our SEO expert, any existing problems that cause your ranking to be penalised and the solutions you have available to resolve them.

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This is a fundamental skill that underpins any effective web marketing strategy. The SEO consultant will show you how to empathise with the 'typical customer' of your website and understand how he or she thinks when deciding on the types of searches to be carried out online. You will then be able to generate lists of potential keywords to be further investigated with detailed analysis of search volumes and estimated competition. By finding the right balance between long-tail keyword and broad keywords, you will be able to maximise the conversion rate of your site on the one hand, and the number of organic visits you can potentially receive on the other.

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Together with the SEO consultant, you can identify your competitors and classify them according to different degrees of relationship; you will have direct competitors, indirect competitors and others may be potential competitors. This is useful in order to monitor their on-page and off-page actions, make them 'inoffensive' and identify their respective weaknesses. In this way, you will be able to determine with which strategy to overcome them, both in terms of business and organic ranking. The SEO consultant will also be able to accompany you in the observation of success stories from which you can take inspiration for your marketing.

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It means creating a network between your website and other websites by linking to them. This operation is the fundamental counterpart of SEO optimisation: as the main responsible for online reputation, in highly competitive markets it must be conducted with a solid underlying content marketing strategy. Stop low-profile links from directories or press releases that do more harm than good.

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Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Advertising are three facets of web marketing that every SEO expert needs to master. If you're interested in understanding the difference between these three strategies, how they work, and most importantly, how you can apply them to your business to increase online visibility, customer acquisition, and revenue, NetStrategy's 1:1 coaching can answer all your questions.

The development plans that NetStrategy's SEO experts can show you are drawn up on a 360° basis with the aim of involving all digital marketing platforms and, without leaving anything to chance, converging efforts towards a single goal.