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An online web marketing course: the perfect place! That's right: we believe that the Internet is the natural habitat for a web marketing course. There are several reasons for this: to begin with, this formula is consistent with the fact that it deals with topics related to the world of the web. The marketing strategies on which NetStrategy focuses its training services and which it puts into practice itself are based on the conviction that the Internet is a valid, valuable and effective tool for spreading messages.


At NetStrategy, we always value the possibility of transferring our know-how to interested parties. And we are pleased to do so by making you completely autonomous in the use of the content we produce. That's why our web marketing course takes place online. You can take advantage of each of the webinars available to you in the manner and at the time of your choice. In addition to all this, you can also consult a number of free online resources, guides dedicated to specific key topics in web marketing, which can be a valuable reference point for dealing constructively and effectively with any business on the Internet.


Fabio Giacomello - Project Manager

Discover strategies 
of online marketing with Fabio,
Project Manager of NetStrategy!


Nowadays, it is mainly on the web that users and information, supply and demand, companies and customers intersect; and it is on the web that NetStrategy wants to make available to you the quality content it produces every day. 

Our online web marketing courses are aimed at a very wide audience. They are designed especially for you if:

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If you have curiosity about web marketing and are looking for a way to satisfy them that is quick and easy to use, but offers professional quality content at the same time;

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You are an entrepreneur or a professional, you want to deal personally with one or more aspects of web marketing for your business and attending an online course would fit in with your limited free time, allowing you to better balance your many commitments;

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You would like to fully understand the principles of web marketing that can influence the ranking of your site on Google and have not yet found clear and immediate explanations to meet your needs.

What all resources have in common is the underlying intention: to provide all interested parties with as comprehensive a reference as possible in which they can always find an answer.

Webinar of NetStrategy

In addition to customised solutions - such as Coaching with a SEO consultant or Web marketing course in a Company - and structured classroom courses, NetStrategy has also developed and made available to you the SEO ONLINE COURSE: a practical and immediate treatment of Search Engine Optimisation issues, i.e. the optimisation of web content for search engines. Starting from the basics and then moving on to technical aspects and advanced skills, the SEO Course provides you with targeted training on the mechanisms that lead a site to appear or not appear in the first pages of search results on Google. It also informs you about the most effective measures to increase the relevance of your web pages in the eyes of the search engine. The online SEO course is organised and designed for anyone who wants to learn more about these topics - professionals, entrepreneurs, private individuals - using the convenience of a virtual presence.

A taste of the online courses and webinars offered by NetStrategy can be viewed, at no extra cost, in the "Course Previews" area of this site. Together with some short films by our speakers, this section contains guides in text format on some of the most important cornerstones of the vast discipline of web marketing. The topics range from rather technical areas to others of interest to those working outside the 'experts'.