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Web Marketing Live Courses


Do you want to deal with one or more aspects of web marketing for your business? Would you like to better understand the principles of web marketing that can influence your website's ranking on Google? Would you like to manage your company's social presence yourself, but feel like you're missing something?


Each of these desires can be satisfied in NetStrategy's web marketing training courses. Even though we are a web marketing consultancy, we always set great store by passing on our know-how to our customers. We take pleasure in making our clients aware or even autonomous in web marketing matters by giving them all the most valid tools to deal constructively and effectively with their own business on the Internet. After all, it is for this very reason that we try to make in-depth content available free of charge through the maintenance of our Digital Marketing Blog. 

Through high-profile professional work, our experts will be able to transfer their skills to you so that you, personally, can work actively to expand the potential of your company and lead it to achieve the economic and professional goals you have set.


Elisa Ventura

Improve your online presence with NetStrategy's Web Marketing Courses. Let Elisa help you!


It's a well-known fact that, nowadays, your company needs to be highly visible on the web in order to be competitive: this is the goal pursued by every Web Marketing strategy. So if you want to fully understand the nature of the mechanisms that govern it, which of the strategies it offers are applicable to the particular characteristics of your business and what you could do to implement them, then what you need is one of our training courses. In addition to customised solutions - such as Coaching with an SEO consultant or Web Marketing Course  in a Company - NetStrategy has developed training proposals on some of the pillars of web marketing:

Cuore Digitale


Describes in detail the various aspects involved in using social media for web marketing purposes. Social networks are such a large reservoir of potential customers that, if not exploited or managed properly, they can be a great loss to your business. In the Social Media Marketing Course you will learn all the latest strategies for increasing your brand awareness, acquiring new and well-profiled contacts, retaining existing customers and expanding your company's promotional network. The course is aimed at all those who - for personal or professional use - want to exploit the full potential of social channels.


A comprehensive treatment of Search Engine Optimisation, i.e. optimising web content for search engines. Starting with the basics and moving on to technical aspects and advanced skills, the SEO Course provides you with a targeted preparation on the mechanisms that lead a website to appear or not appear in the first pages of search results on Google. It also informs you about the most effective measures to increase the relevance of your web pages in the eyes of the search engine. The SEO course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about these topics: professionals, entrepreneurs or people who want to work in the world of web marketing.

Cuore Digitale
Cuore Digitale


Everything you need to know about web marketing applied to e-commerce in a single course. From project evaluation to further development, from management methods to search engine optimisation, the E-Commerce Course will answer all questions with comprehensive explanations and practical exercises. Every detail required to achieve an effective, simple and secure sales tool will be highlighted. The course is aimed at those who are considering opening an online business and wish to fully understand the costs, feasibility and implications; it is also aimed at those who already own an online shop and wish to improve its profitability.

Training also continues on the YouTube channel