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NetStrategy is not just marketing, it is a window to a world of possibilities that opens up in front of you: by working with our team, you will be able to increase not only your online presence, enriching your database of potential customers, but also your sales.

Thanks to the sales strategies implemented by NetStrategy, you will finally be able to take advantage of the infinite possibilities that the online world offers: not only a high-performance website, but also an excellent CRM tailored to your company, the digitalisation of your participation in events and trade fairs, a chatbot to improve customer service and much more. In this way, your company can truly use all the tools that the web makes available to establish a lasting relationship with potential customers, achieving not only the purchase, but also customer loyalty, the real focus of our strategies.


How much can you increase sales
with inbound sales? Talk to Stefano,
C.E.O. of NetStrategy.

Customer Relationship Management


Do you still manage your contact database by means of an old and obsolete Excel file? Do you know that you are probably losing potential customers along the way? Nowadays it is essential to have an effective and innovative CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This helps you to manage your leads optimally, avoid forgetting important deadlines and keep your relationships alive with your contacts, with the aim of converting them into loyal customers for your business.

Digitalizzazione Eventi/Fiere


Contrary to what you might think, participating in trade fairs and industry events is still important for business. It allows you to build strong brand awareness and reach out to interested potential customers. However, in order for this investment to really pay off, it is essential to apply specific strategies before, during and after the industry event: blog articles, social media posts, serious and effective contact management and much more.

Digitalizzazione Processi Aziendali


Digitising business processes: a few years ago this term would have seemed pure utopia. Today, however, it is possible. NetStrategy's services for the digitisation of your company include the acquisition of all the knowledge and tools that can make your company more efficient: a high-performance CRM, a strategy for the acquisition of new potential customers online, a plan to increase sales and training for your staff. What more could you ask for? 

Valorizzazione Clienti


For NetStrategy it is not only important to encourage a lead to buy a product or service. From an inbound-oriented perspective, it is far more important to ensure that the customer keeps coming back to buy from your company, increasing your turnover time after time. For this reason, we create a strategic plan for you aimed at enhancing the value of customers and prospects, so that you can maximise customer lifetime value, a fundamental metric for any type of business.

Up Selling / Cross Selling


Making the most of every customer in your company: this is the objective of the up-selling and cross-selling strategies designed by NetStrategy for you. You will no longer have to settle for the usual, meagre sale, but you will finally be able to aim high: through a CRM that is up to your company's standards, you will be able to understand your potential customer's needs and interests, proposing a product or service that is better than the one they have already seen, or a complementary product and service. In this way you can maximise your turnover.



Guaranteeing an immediate response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to those who request assistance from your company: the chatbot for your website or social channels serves to make your customer service more efficient. All this is only possible, however, if the chatbot integrated into your business has advanced features, is customisable and, above all, perfectly suited to your business: NetStrategy creates your ideal chatbot, allowing you to take advantage of all its many benefits ... always with a view to impressing your customers or potential customers.