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The IT field is, by its very nature, complex and articulated. When carrying out an IT project, the final objective must first be analysed in order to identify the best strategy for achieving it. For some companies, the need may be to better manage relationships with customers, for others to sell online, for others still there may be a need to improve the website, in terms of design or user experience, for example.

NetStrategy takes care of every IT marketing project thanks to the skills of its Web Developers and Graphic Designers: taking care of both the design and the purely IT side, we build websites and eCommerce, designed to ensure the best User Experience and a good ranking in search engines.

Michele Faccioni - Web Developer

Make your online presence really effective.
Michele knows how to help you!

Realizzazione E-Commerce


To be able to sell effectively on the web, a good eCommerce is essential. NetStrategy uses the technical skills and experience of its web developers to create functional eCommerce. We have created eCommerce on various platforms, guaranteeing maximum customisation to satisfy our customers.

Realizzazione Siti Web


A website can be a company's best commercial asset. If it is well constructed and structured, it can attract qualified leads and initiate business negotiations with them. With NetStrategy you can have your website created: paying attention to both the technical and graphic aspects, our team will help you improve your online presence and increase your business.

Restyling Grafico Siti Web


Often the need is to revamp an outdated website or to enhance the corporate image with modern and attractive graphics. To meet this need, NetStrategy offers a graphic restyling service for websites that fits in and complements our Web Marketing strategies. With a new look, your site will help you reach and acquire new customers.

Implementazione CRM


The process of implementing a CRM is indispensable for any business, as it allows you to keep track of data about every lead and customer and manage it smoothly and effectively. NetStrategy can integrate your CRM with various platforms - including Prestashop, Wordpress, and Magento - and support you at every stage to help you improve your business processes.

Miglioramento User Experience


Any website, in order to be useful in the process of converting leads into customers, must guarantee users an excellent user experience. This means that the user, in navigating the site, must not encounter difficulties and must be able to find what he is looking for immediately. Aware of this, NetStrategy makes User Experience a central aspect of achieving Conversion Rate Optimization.

Portfolio NetStrategy

netstrategy PORTFOLIO

Over the years, NetStrategy has worked for numerous companies, developing tailor-made IT marketing projects for each of them, with the aim of improving their online presence. Our portfolio includes some of our graphic restyling and website creations, created according to the needs of each of our clients and designed to be a useful tool for the growth of the companies' turnover.

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