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Direct email marketing & NEWSLETTER MARKETING


The point is always one: get in touch with your potential customer and convey value and qualities so that they decide to get to know you. This is what e-mail marketing is for: to convey specific messages based on the type of relationship the user undertakes with your company, gradually leading them to awareness and finally to conversion.

E-mail marketing, however, encompasses a wide variety of communications and approach techniques that should not be confused or mixed. Depending on the lead's decision-making stage and the actions taken towards your business, it is important to formulate an ad hoc communication that strikes a positive chord with them, without annoying them.


At NetStrategy, we work as a team to deliver email marketing strategies tailored to your industry and business. We start with a careful analysis of what you do, and then develop the best solution for your situation: from custom DEM (Direct E-mail Marketing) to a Lead Nurturing strategy to "nurture" your contacts.



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A purely commercial e-mail marketing strategy that aims to make the product known to a heterogeneous target with very specific characteristics. This strategy is fundamental for companies that deal with direct sales and want to increase their turnover by promoting their products to a potentially interested public. Obviously this is one of the most invasive e-mail marketing techniques, so it is essential to study the communication so that it is not push but useful.


Newsletters are universally recognised as a means of proactive interaction between company and user. If the user decides to subscribe to the newsletter service provided by your site, it means that he is already interested in what you do and wants to "get to know you better". In this case, communication must follow precise lines and must meet the user's expectations.

Cuore Digitale
Cuore Digitale

lead nurturing

The lead nurturing technique aims at creating an honest and genuine relationship with the user, proposing him useful contents calibrated on his needs, in order to lead him to the final conversion. For such a strategy to be successful, it is essential to segment your database of contacts into specific lists based on the decision-making stage of the user. From here you create the most appropriate communication for each list and begin to develop the relationship with users.

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NetStrategy & HubSpot

Our job is to give your business positive and profitable visibility, through well-defined skills and state-of-the-art technical tools. E-mail marketing encompasses programming, graphics and copywriting, but also automation. Our team of professionals combined with the high quality of software such as HubSpot can create specific projects for every need: personalised e-mail flows, marketing automation, promotional communications, contact and customer management, internal organisation and much more.