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WEBSITE development QUOTation


There are many factors that determine the success of your business, but among the various marketing channels and tools at your disposal, the creation of an effective website makes all the difference: NetStrategy knows how to get it for you.


Whatever your business is about, being online nowadays is no longer a choice: it's a requirement. Consumers turn to Google to find information about your products and services; modern word of mouth is exchanged on social media and review sites. For all these reasons and many more, creating your own business website can be the most skillful salesperson for you, the one who can put you in touch with new and qualified potential customers for your business. NetStrategy makes your project its own and makes it a reality, thanks to the work of its IT department, its web designer, its SEO Specialists and its copywriters: an entire team aimed at creating the perfect website for your company, one that is not only graphically beautiful, but also effective in terms of content and search engine optimisation to help you reach new sales targets.


Michele Faccioni - Web Developer

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Having established that a website is now a necessity for you, let's clarify that there is a big difference between having a website and using it to promote your company by giving it proper online visibility. What are the main characteristics that need to be considered when creating a website in order for it to be productive?

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Perhaps one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about building a website is that it should look good. A modern, eye-catching design entices users to visit your pages, to browse the services you offer and to trust you: it is easy for the features of your website to be carried over by association to what you sell. Beyond pure aesthetics, however, the design must also be at the service of your brand: it is your online showcase, it must talk about you and must be able to communicate the message you want to convey to your specific target audience.


A website must work and be functional. In other words, it must make the most important information immediately available, allow smooth navigation and offer a pleasant user experience from any device. In addition, it must be easy and quick to maintain and update: your job is to take care of your customers, and the website must be a support tool for you and not an additional commitment.

Cuore Digitale
Cuore Digitale


Once the website has been created, the work has only just begun. Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough for a website to be well done for it to be effective. On the contrary: the activities necessary for this to happen require a lot of resources and experience. Site marketing does just that: it works behind the scenes of each web page and makes sure that search engines find them, return them to the top of the results and, therefore, put them in front of the eyes of all your potential customers.

Thanks to a team of experts specialised in different sectors, NetStrategy offers you a complete service capable of following the creation of your website from the beginning to the end of the project and accompanying you in the subsequent growth and maintenance phase.