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NetStrategy was founded in 2009 in Cerea, in the province of Verona, with the core business of designing and implementing successful Digital Marketing campaigns for its clients. The Veronese business environment is very rich; while this is a positive aspect, it also means that traditional market channels are saturated and it is extremely challenging for companies to beat the competition. The difficulties experienced by the handcrafted furniture sector - which is very widespread in this area - are eloquent proof of this.

It is also for these reasons that today is the perfect time to invest online: giving visibility to your company - for example by creating an effective website or opening an e-commerce - and thus opening an outlet in a wider and fresher market for your company is undoubtedly a winning move.



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Our specialist and consultants a are trained and specialised in enabling businesses in all sectors to make the most of the potential that the Internet marketplace offers. Here are some examples of effective SEO strategies developed for some of our clients, straight from the "Successes" section.

The online market is constantly expanding. Today, more and more people base their search for products and services on the Internet. In an ever-expanding context like the web, not presenting your company online inevitably causes you to lose a good share of the potential market.