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Communication is one of the pillars on which digital marketing is built, and copywriting is what feeds it. The activity of copywriting is very deep and is not limited to the drafting and editing of simple texts, but includes

Cuore-Dot-RossoThe study of the target audience
Cuore-Dot-RossoStudying the form of communication
The structuring of a communication plan in line with the company's needs
Cuore-Dot-Rossocontinuous training of professionals in digital communication and dissemination techniques (inbound marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc.)


The NetStrategy team that brings the word "right" to your site is made up of experienced people who love communication in all its facets. Thanks to continuous technical research, our team of copywriters has easily inserted itself in different digital areas and started to bring the "right" communication to showcase sites, e-commerce, blogs, social channels, through e-mail marketing strategies. From technical SEO optimisation to customised content development for your e-commerce, including writing inbound-oriented articles tailored to your company's needs: this is just a taste of what NetStrategy can do to create value for your online business. The aim is to ensure that you address your potential customers consistently, avoiding misunderstandings and providing them with exactly what they need. You will be happy, your customers will be happy, and so will the search engine, which will reward you for your transparency and clarity.

Letizia Poltronieri

Need a bespoke SEO Copywriting strategy? Talk to Letizia and find out what NetStrategy's Copy Team can do for you.


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A consolidated and fundamental technique for improving the organic positioning of your site. Through the optimisation of on-site texts and the optimisation of page meta tags, the copy team works to improve communication with the user but also, and above all, with the search engine. Originality and simplicity are two of the characteristics that Google takes into account most during its analysis.


Two of the biggest problems affecting an e-commerce site are duplicate content and lack of information. The user and the search engine need to be reassured by the information on the site, only then will the former proceed to purchase and the latter will not consider the content of the pages to be harmful. The copy team's job in this area is to produce original and SEO-optimised content, to please Google and gain positions, with communication tailored to the e-commerce target.

Cuore Digitale
Cuore Digitale


For our clients who rely on a tailor-made inbound marketing strategy, the copy team studies the type of communication calibrated to the type of audience or Buyer Persona, studies the sector in which the client operates, develops an editorial plan based on the most performing keywords and populates the company blog with content. All these activities are aimed at making the company visible online and attracting the ideal customer profile, leading to subsequent conversion.


A specific service that not all marketing agencies offer is the analysis of the company's online communication. Any company that wants to improve its online image needs first of all a study of the communication already implemented on its main channels (website, social networks, newsletters, etc.). Through this service, the NetStrategy team uncovers the problems but also the positive solutions already implemented on the various channels: all fundamental information to develop a subsequent tailored online marketing strategy.

Cuore Digitale
Cuore Digitale

Newsletter copywriting

A tried and tested strategy that is widely used online is e-mail marketing. Nowadays, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that promotional, informative and other e-mails receive the desired interactions. In order to increase the open and click-through rate of links, it is necessary to have attractive and well-structured graphics, as well as texts that are geared towards the reader and that arouse his or her curiosity and satisfy a possible need. This is the task of the copy team, which, thanks to the prior analysis of the sector and the buyer person, is able to work out the most appropriate communication.

Team Copy NetStrategy

How to communicate

Knowing how to communicate is not the same as knowing how to write. Of course, writing skills are fundamental to creating effective content, but they are not the only skills required to be a copywriter. Communicating means making a specific concept known and understandable to people, using the words they understand best.Before venturing into writing content, therefore, it is essential to understand which target audience you will be talking to. Whether it is a text describing a service on your website, or a blog article explaining a problem and how to solve it, or even a product description in your online store, the basis for this is an understanding of the customer profile.

Online communication has its own specific cycle that must be understood and used to bring value to your company. It is a delicate process that, if done correctly, can enable your website or brand to reach your ideal customer, satisfy their needs and lead them to buy/collaborate with your business.