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Digital Strategies



The Web is a central part of the contemporary world: it has revolutionized its dynamics and changed it irreversibly in many ways. Marketing and sales are no exception; indeed, they have found the Web to be a powerful tool with endless opportunities. This is how digital strategies are born.

NetStrategy has been working for years in the fields of marketing and sales through online tools and, for its customers, it deals with developing digital strategies that can lead to the achievement of all the growth objectives of a company. Thanks to a team with diversified skills, NetStrategy can offer a complete service that touches all areas of online marketing, from SEO to Social Media Marketing, and sales, from the implementation of a CRM to the installation of a chatbot.

Fabio Giacomello - Project Manager

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The online marketing strategies offered by NetStrategy are varied and combine to offer an all-round service.

Our Web Marketing doesn't stop at SEO and SEM, but goes beyond thanks to Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, E-mail Marketing...

Nestrategy Answer

Sara Stabili - SEM Specialist

Through paid advertising, you can get the first position on search engines, launching clear and effective promotions as a response to a user's search. As an SEM Specialist, I will strategically plan campaigns on Google Ads, creating attractive ads and, above all, constantly analyzing their performance: in this way we will optimize the campaigns, providing better results with lower than average costs. The perfect combination for online success.

Sara Stabili - SEM Specialist

Social networks have become an integral part of everyday life for most people, which is why every company should focus on a social media marketing strategy. My goal is to give voice to your company through these platforms, allowing you to achieve a high engagement with the users who follow you and to attract new audiences. This will be possible by creating not only targeted posts, but also through Social Advertising campaigns optimized to allow you to sell more from your social channels.

Giada Ruggero - Social Media Manager

Fabio Giacomello - Project Manager

When companies come into contact with NetStrategy, they find a world of different personalities, characteristics and skills: each person specializes in a single activity, which he or she practices on a daily basis. As Project Manager, I act as the link between your business and our specialists, developing your project. For any doubt or request, I will advise you on the best actions and digital strategies to implement, so as to put the growth of your business at the center of everything.

Fabio Giacomello - Project Manager

Being first on Google today is no longer a "whim", but a compelling necessity for companies: most consumers search for information on products and services, but also directly companies to turn to, just on search engines, and being absent can cause the loss of important business opportunities. For this reason, I take care of analyzing your business, the strategies used, as well as the frictions and criticalities found on the company website. I do this by intervening from an SEO point of view, with a tailor-made strategy, both at a technical level and at the level of textual and graphic content optimization. Another important step of this process concerns the acquisition of incoming links to increase the authority of the site in the eyes of Google. With a well-implemented SEO strategy, you can then boast the top position and beat the competition.

Mattia Mella - SEO Specialist

Mattia Mella - SEO Specialist