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Cross Selling & upsell marketing


Increasingly used and fundamental techniques for any type of business, up selling and cross selling can really be the ace up your company's sleeve. Why? It's very simple: if implemented in the right way, these sales strategies allow you to extract more value from each customer, leading them to buy more products or products of a higher level than their original idea.


In fact, the term up selling refers to that particular sales technique that is implemented by proposing to the customer a product of greater value than the one considered in his original purchase idea. In this way, firstly, it is possible to ensure that the individual customer can also increase the company's sales. Secondly, this strategy is also useful in building customer loyalty: by acting not as a mere salesperson but as a support for the full satisfaction of their needs, customers will be led to see the company as reliable and professional.    

Similarly, cross-selling aims at further sales, but through the proposal of a complementary product to the one already purchased by the customer. The objectives remain the same, but the methods change.


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Up-selling and cross-selling are key to maximising a company's profits, but care must be taken to choose which technique to use and how. For some types of business up selling may be more effective than cross selling, for others the opposite may be true. In other cases, it may be best to use them in combination. For NetStrategy, these techniques fit perfectly into an all-round web marketing strategy, joining closely with:


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email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best methods for up selling and cross selling. By designing eye-catching newsletters that offer consumers consistent benefits to convince them to make new purchases, you can get more out of each individual customer and build a profitable relationship over time.

customer relationship management

Knowing how to best manage the relationship with the customer also translates into obtaining greater value for the company. In order to carry out up-selling and cross-selling techniques in the best possible way, therefore, it is essential to rely on a CRM that allows you to keep the relationship with each customer under control and to understand which are the best moments to implement your strategies.

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It may not seem immediate, but the correlation between customer retention and up selling and cross selling is significant. Offering superior or complementary products should not simply be about selling more. Rather, these sales techniques should be implemented with an approach aimed at making the customer fully satisfied. Only in this way will the consumer be led to trust the company and make more purchases over time according to their needs.

Up selling and cross selling can be your company's winning weapons. By using these techniques you will not only sell more, but also improve your relationship with your customers, building their loyalty and making them fully satisfied.

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