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Thanks to professionals with many years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, NetStrategy is able to get your site an effective placement within the major search engines: not only Google, but also Bing, Yahoo!, etc.. Our SEO agency's optimisation work is wide-ranging and guarantees optimal and long-lasting positioning on search engines. We work out tailor-made SEO and marketing strategies for our clients, tailored to the business needs and characteristics of each individual company. Through in-depth analyses and technical optimisation activities, we make your website stand out in the search engines' eyes and help you achieve your business goals. 


We believe in long-term projects and are convinced that a satisfied customer is our best advertisement. Using effective search engine optimisation techniques, NetStrategy will improve your site's search engine rankings, giving you greater online visibility and, consequently, more qualified leads. Our strategic plans are outlined at 360°: the objective is to involve all the Web Marketing platforms and, without leaving anything to chance, to make efforts converge towards the single prefixed goal.



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Each optimisation operation carried out by our consultants is divided into several phases, depending on the objective to be achieved or the problem to be addressed in the individual case. In the very first phase, however, it is important to understand what the real starting point is in order to design a suitable marketing strategy.

The procedure followed by each of our consultants at the beginning of each project is as follows:

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full on-page audit

It consists of an in-depth analysis to understand which areas of the site you are working on that have not been optimised on the SEO side. Already at this stage, areas for immediate improvement are highlighted and, thanks to the advice given during the SEO consultation for each section, the first result will be almost immediate.

full link profile audit

With algorithmic updates - and especially Google Panda  and Google Penguin - it is now clear that Negative SEO exists. Such tactics may be applied by companies with questionable know-how with the intention of increasing the ranking of the site, or they may be due to negative actions by competitors or outsiders. Regardless of who is responsible, it is essential today to monitor the incoming link profile for each site and to check that there are no threats. In the event of a penalty, a full link profile audit would allow both the identification of the problems that generated it and its removal.

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A fundamental step that lies at the heart of any successful marketing strategy. It consists of identifying with the "typical customer" of each site, understanding how they think, how they reason and, above all, what type of searches they carry out on the web. Thanks to this process, it is possible to generate lists of potential keywords that can then be further analysed with detailed analyses of search volumes and estimated competition. The aim is to find the right balance between long-tail keywords and broad keywords, in order to maximise the conversion rate on the one hand, and the number of organic visits that can potentially be received for business growth on the other.


Competitive analysis consists of identifying competitors and classifying them with different degrees of relationship. This will identify not only direct competitors and indirect competitors but also those who could be potential competitors. In order to overcome them, both in terms of business and organic ranking, it is first necessary to monitor their on-page and off-page actions, make them "inoffensive" and identify their respective weak points.

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Google Panda Recovery
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Why NetStrategy


Our agency is made up of consultants who are trained, competent and able to analyse with extreme precision every single response or variation in Google's algorithmic changes. We have worked in over thirty different market sectors and in each of them we have achieved excellent results for our clients. What makes the difference is not the sector in which a company operates, but the know-how of the SEO agency that positions its site.


In addition to algorithmic analysis, our consultants will meet with you directly over and over again to fully understand your objectives and be able to develop a tailor-made strategy that minimises the time needed to achieve them, aiming for even better results in the medium term. NetStrategy's philosophy is customisation and satisfaction of our clients' business needs.


The organic ranking techniques used by our SEO agency comply with Google's TOS and Guidelines. This means that, even with future algorithmic updates, the sites and clients for whom NetStrategy has worked will have nothing to fear. On the contrary: in many cases, the new algorithmic updates have even enabled some of our projects to increase their organic rankings on Google.



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